Maritime Marksman

900m Range

With the increasing use by Somali pirates of weapons with accuracy up to 500 metres (such as AK47 assault rifles and Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG)) it is becoming critical that vessels are able to deter pirate attacks while not drawing fire onto themselves.

The Royal Marines Sniper course is considered to be the most intensely challenging military sniper course in the world. As well as being expected to master a whole host of other skills, students are given in-depth instruction on the complexities of marksmanship. Before earning the prestigious title of becoming a Royal Marines Sniper candidates are expected to accurately hit targets in excess of 900 metres with a single shot.

Spirit’s MD is a former instructor on the Royal Marine Sniper course and has used his extensive skills and experience to develop the unique Maritime Marksman service. Based on his knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of marksmanship Spirit is able to offer more than just an armed guards service.

Our highly disciplined operators have the equipment and ability to protect your vessel effectively and discreetly. The capacity to employ precision warning shots at longer distances provides a protective safety bubble up to 900 metres around the vessel. We strongly believe that this premium service is the most effective method of protecting a vessel from pirate attack.