Armed Guards are making the difference

Modern PiracyThe use of armed guards by commercial vessels has been increasing over the last year or two. More and more vessels crossing the High Risk Area (HRA) are turning to the use of armed guards to supplement naval efforts in the region.

Now an article by ‘The Telegraph’ online has identified the clear success of this strategy by the maritime industry with July 2012 being the first full month without a single piracy attack on a commercial vessel. The article credits the use of armed guards as the differentiating factor.

Using data from the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) the article analyses the activity over the summer period. It quotes several industry and military sources in crediting the use of armed guards as the significant difference.

One industry expert is quoted as saying ‘…private security is by far the major factor, not the warships‘.

A senior military spokesman noted ‘….the quantum increase in the use of private armed security contractors, who have to date a 100 per cent success rate preventing hijacks‘.

However, the article does sound a note of caution as ‘Piracy is still one of the best ways to earn a living in Somalia‘.

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Alan Taylor,
Commercial Director,
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