About Us

Spirit Security Services provides worldwide security solutions to the maritime industry. Based in the United Kingdom, our services range from the deployment of our highly trained security teams to the provision of a 24 hour vessel monitoring service.

With a diverse management team possessing legal, commercial and operational experience of time served with the Royal Marines, Spirit remains heavily committed to legal compliancy and customer service. Always operating within the bounds of UK, EU and international law, Spirit has undertaken the necessary vetting and due diligence required to ensure that all of our operations are fully transparent.

Spirit’s unique Maritime Marksman service offers the most sophisticated anti-piracy protection currently available. With experience of maritime operations, our security personnel are predominantly recruited from the Royal Marines Commandos and are unrivaled in their field. Each individual is meticulously vetted and selected to guarantee that our high standards are continuously met.

We at Spirit Security Services are immensely proud of our relationship with our clients and continue to strive for excellence. Spirit’s cutting edge solutions give the customer complete peace of mind, satisfied in the knowledge that their staff and assets are in good hands.